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Friday Morning Grind

By Team Speed - March 23, 2018

The T Drill is an oldie but a goodie. Simple yet effective, this drill hones an athlete's ability to generate speed over a short distance and change directions quickly. In addition to challenging speed and agility, the T Drill also engages balance and body control. This morning, Coach Joe added another element of challenge to the basic T Drill for these baseball boys to engage their hand-eye coordination as well.

Oregon Duckling in Training

By Team Speed - March 21, 2018

We love how dedicated to training our athletes have been this week while on spring break. Sacrifice and committment are what sets you apart from your competition and propels you to the next level. This mentality is extremely apparent in Brynn- a sophomore in high school, already committed to the University of Oregon to play soccer. We love her work ethic and are incredibly excited to work with this duckling!

Spring Break Done Right

This Kid is as Resilient as They Come!

By Team Speed - March 19, 2018

The road to recovery can be long, but this girl has approached every obstacle with a smile on her face. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and we absolutely cannot wait to watch your epic comeback. Glad you're here with us this week, spending spring break the right way... TRAINING!! 

SheBelieves Cup Champions!!

By Team Speed - March 8, 2018

Congratulations to our very own Mal Pugh and the rest of of USWNT who defeated England 1-0 last night to win the SheBelieves Cup for the second time in 3 years! Way to play your heart out for a great cause- we are so proud of you. (The SheBelieves Cup is a movement to inspire women across the world and encourage them to accomplish their goals and dreams, athletic or otherwise.)

Her Commitment to Training and Her Desire to Succeed are BEYOND Impressive

Oh Yeah, and Did We Mention She's 12?!

By Team Speed - March 6, 2018

This is Riley. Riley plays soccer for Rush and is on the top team for her age group (U12). Every Tuesday and Thursday Morning, this hard-working, ambitious, disciplined 12 year old wakes up early and trains at 6:30am BEFORE school to get faster ans stronger. What's your excuse?