Return to Sport Program

The Return to Sport Program is a comprehensive and injury-specific program for athletes and individuals recovering from surgery or an injury. It is a coordinated and collaborative effort between the surgeon, physical therapist and Sterling at Team Speed. 

Return to Sport with Sterling's Team Speed:

  • Takes athletes from start to finish
  • Encourages a comprehensive approach to recovery
  • Renders athletes stronger than ever before when they return to sport
  • Mentally prepares athletes for a rough road ahead
  • Keeps athletes focused on their goal
  • Challenges athletes to recover and get better
  • Takes care of the whole athlete

Sterling personally works with all of our athletes that are in our Return to Sport Program. He works closely with all medical professionals involved in the care of his athletes. His Return to Play Evaluation is rigorous, because of his first-hand knowledge about what the body has to endure to be safe and fit on the field, especially after injury. Sterling will assess an athlete‚Äôs biomechanics to determine their readiness to return to sport after completing our training program. For over 20 years, Sterling has returned his athletes to the field stronger than before their injury.


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