Shout Out!!

Aurora and Jessica Barich dominate the Breckenridge Spartan Race!

By Team Speed - September 14, 2016

Aurora and Jessica Barich have been with our Team Speed family for quite some time now, Jessica Started with us when she was just a smiling 6 year old eager to grow and  Aurora joined us 4 years ago and continues to brighten our days with her witty comebacks and colorful stories. They have always had incredible determination and drive and  a few weeks ago they showed everyone what they are capable of. The weekend of August 27th the dynamic duo took on the Spartan Race, they went in with no preconceived ecpectations but a whole lot of confidence and it certantly paid off for them, Aurora finished 6th in her age group and Jessica landed in the 1st place spot for her age group! We knew they had the talent and skill set to pull it off and we are so proud of their accoplishments! we cant wait to see what they do next!!!
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