Athlete Feature: Noah Kapustka

For September 2021, we’re excited to announce our new Athlete of the Month. He's a Deaf soccer and futsal player, currently playing for the 09 Rapids South Select and 08/09 Rapids Futsal teams. Noah was nominated for this month’s Athlete of the Month feature by Coach Matt, who he began training with earlier this summer.

Here’s what we’ve gathered from our interview with Noah:

Noah's Athletic Journey

Noah is a Deaf soccer and futsal player. He currently plays for the 2009 Rapids South Select Team and the 08/09 Rapids Futsal team. He has been playing soccer since he was three years old and says, "it is my passion." He enjoys basketball, baseball, and SUP but soccer and futsal are his favorites. 

His Greatest Accomplishments & Challenges

Being the only Deaf person on his team and in his entire club, naturally, communication can be challenging at times when an interpreter isn’t around. However, Noah doesn't allow this challenge to get in the way of his goals. "This summer I was the youngest player ever to be invited to the US Deaf national team camp where I was the youngest to play in an unofficial match and score in that game. I have earned a scholarship to participate in a camp in Barcelona, Spain through SIQ Academy. Off the pitch, I have also been the lead actor in a holiday commercial for Lincoln." 

When Team Speed Joined the Journey

Noah began training with Coach Matt at Sterling's Team Speed in June 2021. His off-season/summer goal was to become faster on the pitch. "This is why I joined Team Speed. To help me with that goal." To help Noah in becoming faster on the pitch, Coach Matt has designed all the drills and sessions to be focused on this primary goal. Noah is driven by focus, perseverance, grit, and improvement. "I feel Coach Matt is completely in sync with my values every single session to help me get the most out of them."


Noah's short-term goal is to make the ECNL Rapids team. His medium-term goal is to be the youngest player ever to make the US Deaf National Team and score in an official match. His long-term goal is to become the best player in the whole Rapids club. 

What Noah Wants to Say to Other Athletes with Big Dreams

Noah's advice to other athletes is this:

"Never give up, no matter how bad the times are, never give up. Always keep going and doing your best."


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