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Baleigh Baker Back in Business!

By Team Speed - May 30, 2018

Today was Baleigh's last Return to Sport session after suffering a broken hand during her high school season this spring! Of course, Coach Joe wanted to leave a lasting impact, so he designed a challenging strength workout, incorporating this step up variation between sets. We are so happy that you're all healed up, Baleigh, can't wait to see you back out on the pitch! Remember, if you're struggling with an injury, our Return to Sport program is a great option to get you back to the sport you love- faster. 

Speed and Power- A Deadly Combo

By Team Speed - May 29, 2018

Speed and power were the name of the game this afternoon with Cadence. Coach Joe focused heavily on her stride length and explosiveness through the cones. Repetition is the best way to train both body and mind into making a change or breaking a habit. By having Cadence sprint through this pattern of cones, she was able to lengthen her stride and increase the power of her drive. Drills like this help with a player's ability to explode out of a tackle and leve a defender behind. Great work today, Cadence! This girl has wheels!

Playoff Prep Starts Now!

By Team Speed - May 24, 2018

*Check out our Instagram page @teamspeedcoto see the full video!

Our U15 DA girls put in some quality work last night! Preparation for playoffs in June has officially begun! Every session counts!

Making Training as Game-Like as Possible

By Team Speed - May 22, 2018

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Xavier hit it hard with Coach Joe this afternoon with a workout designed to push his versitility as a football player- as high school football season is right around the corner! This drill incorporated not only speed and agility, but also a mental aspect that added quite the challenge! Xavier had to wait for Joe to call out which direction to turn, and as he was going through the hurdles, Joe would call out which color band he had to sprint towards (or under). Designing drills that simulate game-like scenarios fime-tune the athlete's ability to make split second decisions on the field. We love Xavier's dedication and willingness to work hard! This is going to be your year, X! 

Hurry! Only 2 Weeks Left to Register for Summer Sports Performance!

By Team Speed - May 21, 2018

*Check out our Instagram page @teamspeedco for the full video

This is a perfect example of the high-quality training that athletes of all ages receive in our Sports Performance program. Our coaches spend hours each week meticulously planning sessions to ensure that your child is being challenged both physically and mentally. We make sure to balance strength/power with speed/agility to create well-rounded athletes.

If you have a young athlete that could benefit from this type of training, make sure to visit our website and register for our summer 10 week Sports Performance program. But don't hesitate! Only 2 weeks left to register and space is filling quickly!