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Get exercise Without Really Trying

TRICK yourself into getting a little exercise, before you get your TREAT!

By Team Speed Admin - September 30, 2019

We’ve all been there: That way-too-common slippery slope of losing the motivation to work out. Maybe you keep saying to yourself, “I really should do a workout today,” yet you’re not motivated to do it. Too often one day snowballs into a string of days — and soon enough, that fitness goal you were so committed to a month ago is now even further from reach. Life is busy, and fitting in exercise can be tough, especially if you think of it as something that requires special clothing or a trip to the gym. But it’s worth the effort – Here is a whole month of ideas to TRICK yourself into getting a little exercise, before you get your TREAT!

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Don't 'Fall' Back on Your Fitness Routine

Tips and tricks to help keep you fit through this Autumn

By Team Speed Admin - September 3, 2019

September 23rd marks the official start of the 2019 Fall season. This time of year is filled with crisp weather, delicious food, football and hockey weekends, pumpkin everything... it’s enough to leave you feeling magical. Unfortunately, it can also be a recipe for disaster in terms of falling off the fitness wagon.
Later sunrises make sleeping in or pressing snooze much easier. Darker evenings seem to make your couch and sweatpants irresistible. Comfort foods find their way to our plates in heaping helpings. Did we mention that Fall is essentially the kickoff for the indulgent Holiday Season? These are just the kinds of hiccups that can deter your motivation. But here are 5 ways to fight against "Falling Back" on your fitness agenda.

Set New Fitness Goals: As the seasons start to change, so should your fitness routine - Fall is the time to re-think your workout plan and set new goals. Something to keep in mind when considering your new workout regime is the increasingly chilly weather. Sterling’s Team Speed is an excellent indoor facility that will offer you the space, equipment and expertise to help you on your fitness journey, whether you’re just beginning or you’re a gym veteran. These new goals will help keep you excited about working out and snowball your momentum throughout the Autumn season.

Get Some Sleep - But Don't Hit Snooze: Since it's already tough enough getting up in the morning, start going to be bed at a reasonable hour. Don't worry, your DVR can record those late night shows for you. If the early morning is your only chance to get in a workout, the AM hours are vital for you. Basically, you've got to learn to make the most of your time. Instead of hitting "snooze", make yourself get out of bed as soon as you awake. It might be tough at first, but waking up on time can make a world of difference in not only getting the gym, but on keeping you punctual throughout the rest of the day.

Open the Door & Head Outside: Now, understand we'd love to see you inside Sterling’s Team Speed for every workout you do. But the brisk Fall weather makes it easier to take that Sunday hike or walk around the neighborhood with the dog. You'll be able to take in all the sights and smells of fall, without the overbearing heat or biting cold winter temperatures. Based on the usual weekly work schedule, hitting gym during the week is more than likely your best bet. To switch things up and really experience Colorado in the Fall, try for a weekend day for an outdoor exercising activity.

Be Cautious of Food Temptation: For most of us, Fall and Winter bring the best foods, the ones we have lovingly deemed “comfort foods”. Nothing quite like a big meal of steaming deliciousness to make you want to keep on shoveling those tasty treats onto your plate. But you’re not a bear! No need to hibernate for you. Make sure you're picking the best foods for your body as this is the key factor here. Fall is optimal timing for soups and stews. Try bulking yours up with lots of root veggies like celery, carrots and onions to fill you up faster. Seasonal options like sweet potatoes and certain squashes can help vary your fall palate, while keeping you full and satisfied.


In the Spotlight

A brief glimpse into world famous Mallory Pugh

By Team Speed Admin - August 16, 2019

Following her 2nd big win at the Women's World Cup in 2019, we had the pleasure of sitting down with the world-famous Mallory Pugh and asked her a few brief questions about herself, her game preparation, and her training here at Sterling's Team Speed. Here is a small look into that amazing athlete:

Having achieved so much already, what are your goals? Is planning for your future a priority for you, or do you try to live in the moment?
There’s so much more that I want to try and achieve but I think it’s important to keep your goals close to you.

How do you mentally and physically prepare for your games? Is preparation important, or does spontaneity win out?
Preparing for a game is day to day for me. Every day is different therefore how I prepare might be different. The one thing that stays the same is making sure I get into “the zone”. Making sure to block out any outside noise and completely be free on the field.


What about your sport brings you the most joy? What about your sport do you find the most challenging?
The relationships and opportunities I have built bring me the most joy. I think fighting for equality is the hardest thing. 

How do you feel knowing that you are a role model to little soccer players everywhere? What is the advice you would give to those aspiring to follow in your footsteps?
It means everything to me. I remember when I was younger, I wanted to be an inspiration and role model to people all around the world and now that it’s happening is such an amazing thing. My advice would to always find the joy of the game and find the beauty in challenges that you face. 

What sets your training at Sterling’s Team Speed apart from the way you train elsewhere? How has working with Sterling made a difference in your athletic career? 
When I become better is when I’m pushed past my comfort level and when I’m training at Sterling’s I’m constantly getting pushed passed that level therefore I know I am getting better. Also, Sterling is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable trainers there is so I trust him with my training.

 Of course there is so much more to Mallory, or 'Mal" as her friends and family adoringly refer to her, than her professional athletic career. As she shows so clearly in her answers above, she is an ambassador for feminism and equality. She also takes her duty as a role model very seriously. Only someone with a heart of gold could play with such intensity and have more than enough love leftover to spread around to each person whose life she has touched. She is a local celebrity, but whenever she steps into the gym to train, she isn't consumed by her success - Mal is one of the most down to Earth athletes' that we have had the unique pleasure of working with. She works hard and it shows! We are honored to have you as a part our team at Sterling's Team Speed. 


August - Happy Birthday Colorado!

Take a hike to celebrate!

By Team Speed Admin - August 5, 2019

August Blog

August is an exciting and bustling month for most of us; it’s the unofficial sign that Summer has all but come to a close and it’s time to buckle down once again. Whether it’s school or work, we all know that responsibility is just around the corner. In no way does this mean that the fun has to stop. And as it turns out, August is a GREAT time for outdoor fun for two very special reasons! In August we celebrate two special birthdays.

August 1st is Colorado’s 143rd birthday! And August 25th is the National Park Service’s 102nd birthday. HOLY MOLY! And did you know that Colorado is home to 4 National Parks and a whopping 41 state parks. This beautiful state brings so many together to embrace and enjoy the natural surroundings. And with the 2019-20202 school year ramping up, it can be more important now than ever to get your mind and body in a healthy place.

However you may choose to enjoy the great outdoors, here are some positive and scientifically proven incentives to get your whole self into shape!
  • When you are active outdoors, your body is encountering a constantly changing environment. To keep up the activity at any pace, you need to adapt to all those subtle changes in your surroundings (such as slight inclines, bumps, or obstacles you may need to dodge). The more challenging the terrain, the harder the body has to work to sustain an efficient work rate. 
  • A free daily dose of D! Outdoor exercise is a way to get your vitamin D through sunlight. Vitamin D is one of many nutrients our bodies need to stay healthy. It helps the body absorb calcium, which then build bones and keep bones strong and healthy. Severely low levels of vitamin D can result in soft, brittle bones; bone pain; and muscle pain and weakness.
  • Outdoor exercise provides a mental health boost. Moving outdoors has been shown to reduce anger and depression and improve mood. Research also shows that as little as five minutes of outdoor exercise can improve self-esteem. Any outdoor location will do, but being near greenery or water enhances this effect.
So, get outside! Walk, crawl or run but it sounds like telling someone to “Take a hike!” is in their best interest! This August, wish our magnificent Colorado a very happy birthday by getting outdoors to give your body and mind a dose of exactly what the Dr. ordered in the last few weeks left of Summer.