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The Key to Injury Prevention During the Season

By Team Speed - August 10, 2018

It’s no surprise that many athletes begin specializing in one sport at a very young age. While this is great for their unique athletic development, this also leads to chronic overuse injuries.


Once an athlete specializes, the demand to train and play in their sport is extensive. They are often only given a few days off and competition continues to increase year after year.


Much of our focus with the athletes that we train year round is on injury prevention and keeping them on the field. The days of “no pain, no gain”, and training at 110% off the field year round are gone. During the off season, athletes can train at a high rate while in season, the focus becomes about maintaining fitness and keeping them healthy.


Our athletes that train consistently, even just one time per week, stay healthy and strong. They have a significantly lower rate of injury, which is one reason we have produced so many National Champions.


Here’s some tips for what to focus on from our world-class trainers in preventing injuries during the season:

  • Unilateral Strength (i.e. one leg training versus two)
  • Mobility
  • Flexibility
  • Stretching (before AND after training sessions and practices)
  • Proper Diet and Hydration

At Sterling’s Team Speed, we believe the key to injury prevention during the season is including a recovery session (whether it’s with your private coach, team, or individually) in your weekly routine.


If you’re interested in learning more about injury prevention, contact us to schedule a free consultation with one of our private trainers.


Already injured and looking to recover? We have a Return to Sport program that may be just what you need to get back to good health. Schedule your complimentary session here.


7 Ways Private Coaching Will Make You A Better Basketball Player, All-Around Athlete, and Human

By Team Speed - August 1, 2018

When you choose to hire a private coach, something changes. Your mindset shifts to working harder for what you want. Sterling’s Team Speed promotes private coaching to help make you a better basketball player, athlete, and human. Read on to learn why.

1. Always Having a Workout Plan

Your private coach will always be ready for you with a personalized workout plan prepared. Each training session will be fully equipped with individualized attention, workouts and results that meet your goals, and particular attention to the details (like your form).

2. High Commitment = High Results

When you choose to commit at a higher level than just attending practice or shooting baskets in your driveway, something in your brain switches. You become a more committed athlete, achieve higher results, and become increasingly desirable by the most elite teams.

3. Workout Quality Over Workout Quantity

While workout quantity is good in its own ways, it’s the QUALITY of the workout that’s going to take you to that next level. Quality workouts come out of private coaching/private training with the right trainer - one that meets your needs, schedule, and can help you achieve the highest results for the goals you need to hit.

4. Evaluate Your Strengths & Weaknesses

A private coach is going to help you strengthen where you need strengthened, speed up where you need to become faster, pay attention where your focus is needed, and provide you with training that will help you with real life game circumstances. Your private coach won’t just help you become the best at what you’re already good at, but he’ll make sure your weaknesses aren’t weaknesses anymore.

5. Weight Train to Improve Strength

Private coaching is very versatile, including training in speed, agility, flexibility, injury prevention, etc, but your private coach will also help you get stronger with weight training. Building muscle will help ensure that the heaviest thing you’re lifting isn’t your basketball.

6. Improve Your Vertical Jump

Dream of being able to dunk? Your private coach can help with that. As a basketball player, you will be expected to have many skills, but one of the most important (and exciting) is being able to jump high. Through specialized workouts catered specifically to you, you’ll be able to touch that rim in no time!

7. Be One of the Few Players Who Puts in the Extra Work

Show your coach and your team that you’re one of the best basketball players in the league and an elite athlete with an array of skills and talent by committing to the art of basketball. Hire your private coach today to help you stand out amongst competitors and become a widely sought after basketball player!


8 Benefits of Working with a Private Coach

By Team Speed - July 6, 2018

At Sterling’s Team Speed, we recognize the importance of personal training and the unique benefits that only working privately with a fitness trainer will provide. Here, we’ve compiled a list of our top 8 reasons to not only hire a private coach, but the benefits of working with one too.


1.They work with your unique requirements

Every person is unique. Your anatomy, stamina, health-related requirements and goals are going to be different than the person standing next to you. Working with a private coach is different from group classes in the way that they work with you one-on-one to not only achieve your specific goals, but work with you on your unique requirements.

2. It’s educational

A private coach is going to help you understand WHY you are doing what you’re doing - a luxury you don’t always get in a group setting. The movements and workouts are going to be tailored to suit your specific needs, and your private coach will tell you why they are the perfect movements for you. Working privately with a trainer also comes with the added benefit of keeping your alignment in check. Form is the most important part of any movement. A private coach will help you make sure you’re doing it correctly!

3. They help you work towards your specific goals (like training for an event)

Here at Sterling’s Team Speed, working with clients privately to hit specific goals is our specialty. We get athletes in here all the time who are training for upcoming tryouts, national competitions/ tournaments, marathons and large athletic events. Whatever your goals are, a private coach will help you hit them!

4. They hold you accountable

Can you count how many times you’ve set a goal for yourself and achieved it all on your own? Athletic training is hard, even when if you know what you’re doing. A private coach is going to hold you accountable to showing up for your goals. Accountability is high on our list for achieving success in fitness goals for a reason!

5. It’s efficient: No wasted time = Maximum results

Here at Sterling’s Team Speed, you have exactly 60 minutes on the floor with your private coach. Our trainers go above and beyond for our clients to get the most out of their sessions. Those 60 minutes are all about you and your fitness goals.

6. They fit your schedule

The curse of a busy person is that it can be really difficult to find a fitness class that fits your schedule. An incredible benefit to working with a private coach is that they have flexibility in their schedule (oftentimes, training is their full time job, so they’ve got availability). A private coach actually cares about you and your goals, so they will work with your schedule to fit you in at an ideal time for you.

7. Your training is personalized

At each session with your private coach, they’ll have created a personalized workout to help meet your specific needs. Each workout is going to be tailored to your unique goals. At Sterling’s Team Speed, we also help you track your progress towards your goals!

8. They keep you motivated

It’s arguable that the hardest part to working out is showing up. Your private coach is going to help keep you motivated by keeping your training fun, challenging and interesting.


Don’t waste another minute! Email us to schedule your complimentary private training session now!


Baleigh Baker Back in Business!

By Team Speed - May 30, 2018

Today was Baleigh's last Return to Sport session after suffering a broken hand during her high school season this spring! Of course, Coach Joe wanted to leave a lasting impact, so he designed a challenging strength workout, incorporating this step up variation between sets. We are so happy that you're all healed up, Baleigh, can't wait to see you back out on the pitch! Remember, if you're struggling with an injury, our Return to Sport program is a great option to get you back to the sport you love- faster. 

Speed and Power- A Deadly Combo

By Team Speed - May 29, 2018

Speed and power were the name of the game this afternoon with Cadence. Coach Joe focused heavily on her stride length and explosiveness through the cones. Repetition is the best way to train both body and mind into making a change or breaking a habit. By having Cadence sprint through this pattern of cones, she was able to lengthen her stride and increase the power of her drive. Drills like this help with a player's ability to explode out of a tackle and leve a defender behind. Great work today, Cadence! This girl has wheels!